The Next Album...

First, an old live recording with Dan See and Dan Gulino (the Dans) at the Pigalle Club in London. Oh how times have changed.

As we try to shake off the dirt from being knocked down in 2020 we look ahead to the next chapter, which here means finishing what we started together with 'the dans' all those years ago.

We've since found 'pocket master' Dan Gulino's hiding spot and verbally committed him to assign his fingers the task of playing the bass, and as always Dan See sits fixed ready to reinstall his status as the 'spirit drummer'. Edit: Since starting to work on new demos I've realised that in order for us to stand a chance of leaving the studio with a finished sounding album, we'll need the wizardry input of Steve Pringle (keys, piano, synth on 'Here I Am and There You Are') so the costing has changed below.

Here's the thing, we want to make a live recording with a sound engineer in May, and we think we've found the perfect place to do it: at '123 Studios' in London.

In order to be able to book the studio, pay the musicians, master the album, and release it (digitally) all independently, we humbly ask your financial assistance upfront. In return there will of course be a free album download for all contributors, and a chance to take part in a livestream Q&A session previewing the album, and for those who put in more than £20: a free ticket to the eventual launch show in London.

Feel free to give as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

If the donate button doesn't work in your country, try Paypal Me and if there still is a problem please email me at jonomccleery@hotmail.com and we can work something out.

Supporting this album enables me to hold onto the rights instead of typically signing away 50% to a record label and publisher in order to fund it. I am much happier giving some of those rights to my band instead, having learnt recently that session musicians receive nothing from streaming - which has become a main source of income in recent years for many artists including myself.

Basic costs:
3 Musician fees / £150 per day:
5 days recording + 2 days rehearsal = £3,150
Studio 123 + Engineer costs / £360 per day
5 days = £1800
Running total = £4950

Other considerations:
- Rehearsal Room for 2 days
- Mastering costs
- Promotion

Thank you for visiting! For the love of music,
let's do something great together in 2021.